Extranet Description

The extranet site is designed to provide electric utlity services information to its employees and customers of its member municipalities. Access to the site is therefore restricted to authorized individuals using a registration process. Portions of this information are available for a fee and other portions are accessible at no charge. Confidentiality and financial terms of access to this site are included in the registration process.

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Extranet Registration Process

To register for access to this site, please complete the information on the following to screens.

Verification and authorization of your request will be done via your email address.

The suceeding fields related to name and address are self-explanatory.

Member type:

  • ElectriCities Employee on Travel is for employees whose permanent work site is the Raleigh office but they are using their laptops or home computers to log into the site from a remote location.
  • ElectriCities Employee — Remote is for employees whose permanent work site is not the ElectriCities main office in Raleigh and are logging into the site from their remote work site or their home computer.
  • Customer Employee is for employees of a customer of one of ElectriCities member municipalities who desires access to the data of that one customer in that one municipality.
  • Aggregate Member is for employees of a customer which has accounts in multiple municipalities who desires to access the data of one or more accounts in one or more municipality. An example would be national chain stores or manufacturers with more than one plant in more than one municipality.
  • City Employee is for employees of the member municipalities who desire access to various data relevant to their municipality.

Once you have completed the first screen, click on Submit to go to the second screen.

First you are asked to select the municipality which applies to you. How this box works depends on the type of member you select. ElectriCities employees will not see this box. A Customer Employee and a City Employee can only select one municipality. An Aggregate Member can select any number of municipalities by using either the Shift & Control keys to choose a block of municipalities or Shift & Alt to select multiple municipalities. Once you have selected the municipalities, click on Recalc Customers to update the customer selection box below.

The second box allows you to select individual customers. ElectriCities employees and a City Employee will not see this box. A Customer Employee can select its company from the list. If your company has more than one account you can select multiple accounts by using the Shift & Control keys or Shift & Alt keys. An Aggregate Member would choose their customer accounts in the same way. Once you have completed that selection, click on Continue to go to the next screen.

The final screen will give you a verification that your registration is complete or an indication of an error in your registration. Errors usually will relate to designation of your userid or password. If they are duplicated on the site, you will need to set a different userid or password. Once the registration is completed an e-mail will be sent to a designated municipal representative who is responsible for authorizing access of City Employee, Customer Employee and Aggregate Member types. In authorizing your access the municipal representative may contact you to verify information on your registration. Once they have authorized your access your userid will be enabled and you will be able to logon to the system. Until that authorization is given, you will see an error message indicating that your userid has not been enabled if you try to logon to the site.

If you have any questions concerning this registration, please e-mail them to IT Helpdesk.